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No clearance of leaf build up for twenty years - not 150 mm of mud in places

Path edgings damaged

Path wearing surfaces and base course left to deteriorate after machine damage

Drainage problems - surface run off


We were promised - over the phone - that a copy of Glasgows Submissiona and the Judges reports would be made available for comment.

Servants of the state should always be Open Honest and Accountable.

That precludes being secret of course .... What is there to hide ?

Our judgement based on the published guidelines for judging will be forthcoming ....

Where does one start ....

Welding of gate post - failed

Dropping of tree into a dangerous state

Dangerous Alterations to Heating Oil Fuel tank

Inability to safely fill Heating Oil Fuel tank resulting in serious spillage

Construction of new path across field and around top wood

May be the word has too many syllables for the top brass to comprehend.

This plan comes to mind ... it's an old old one ... - the Americans have a knack for summing thing up nicely.

Coming soon.

Dangerous locations - entrapment

Poor construction - wobbly, inconsistent post spacing

Poor Design - too high

This really is an example of how to instruct operatives to do something stupid. The operatives know that it is stupid, and will not resolve the problem, but their moral is so low that they will not complain either.

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Publicity Statement

For centuries, Glasgow has been known as the “Dear Green Place” – and renowned for its rich heritage of parks and open spaces, many of which have been in existence for over 100 years. Glaswegians are, quite rightly, particularly proud of this heritage.

This is about the disaster that has led to Linn Park becoming un un-mamanged mess.

What are the symptoms ?

Wild activities with no apparent reasonable purpose - apart from an apparent desire to spend money - which they claim they do not have.