These emails etc relate to a Business Center in Scotland, where without any request, Scottish Water Business Stream who are in law the default collector of revenue for Scottish Water assigned some [how many is unknown] tenants to Clear Business | Water.

The following communications illustrate the bullying attitude demonstrated by the Debt Collection department in England. Also included is an exchange with a so called ethical investor.

Email 13th April 2018 at 11:27 - from Clearwater

Thank you for your e-mail. The Customer Resolution team is the highest stage of our internal complaints procedure and we are currently working to reach an amicable resolution to your complaint. We will be in touch within the next seven days once we’ve had the opportunity to assess the information you provided. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone if your query is urgent.

Email 13th April 2018 at 11:26 - to Clearwater


I refer to our telephone conversation yesterday afternoon.

I confirm that we have been investigating the Water Industry in Scotland in relation to Business Centres and the like where individual tenants have no connection to their premises to either Water or Sewerage provided by Scottish Water.

The Law in Scotland governing Water Charges is simple and straight forward. Please see:

Your firm are registered in Scotland to raise charges and collect monies due. You therefore have a duty of care to ensure that information that is passed to you for this purpose by Scottish Water [Revenue Protection Department] is valid and correct.

As you stated that you have no legal training, this simple explanation at Wikipedia may assist you:

As you were not prepared to listen to what we have to say, nor it appears are you capable of understanding the situation in which you find yourself, it is our intention to publish the results of our investigation into your conduct. I confirm that you terminated the telephone call of your own will.

This will be included on this page:

A separate page will record all communications between us [including this email]. Examples are to be found by following the links on the above page. If you fail to respond within a reasonable time [four weeks], that will be recorded.

You are therefore requested to respond to this request:

Please provide, from Scottish Water, or other source [the 2005 Act, or other legislation, or valid Legal Opinion - with name of Counsel, or report of a court case [thus NOT from the SPSO]], the reason, valid in law, and thus supportable in the Sheriff's court, that Premises which have neither a direct connection to a Scottish Water water pipe, nor a direct connection to a Scottish Water Sewer whether it be Foul, Storm, or Combined should be treated as an Eligible Premises.

You may also like to comment on the fact that nowhere in Scots law is the notion of a Drainage Charge defined.

Email 5th March 2018 at 17:06 to Cortland

Thanks for your email. Frankly I was most surprised to receive a reply.

May I ask, how did you receive our name? Do you know what type of “charge” we have on the company?

In answer to your question:

A simple bit of research on Companies House and similar sites, and £2 to buy some registration documents

What we, who run, are concerned about is ethical investment.

Clear Water want to disconnect from the water supply a firm which is not connected - in fact said firm are a "pop up shop" trading from the pedestrian access in a mall - so they could not possibly be connected ...

Lisa Harrison, Head of Credit Control, 0161 946 4992 has written this incredibly stupid letter, which contravenes section 27 of the 2005 Water Act for Scotland. Not for the first time I hasten to add.

It is straight forward bullying assuming that the recipient is a stupid as she is ...

Anyway, we intend to add Clear Water et al to our list of people and firms who we think it will not be possible to classify as being "open, honest, and accountable" after we have been in touch - see

This is an ongoing research project

As you can see we have uncovered a corruption and bullying problem of some scale - and I am quite sure you do NOT want to be associated with it all. See Jon Rathjen's reply to me. Basically he is telling water companies to lay off tenants and charge landlords in accordance with the law. Of course this reduces revenue to between 5 and 10% of what otherwise might be achieved.

Email 3rd March 2018 from Cortland

I hope all is well. I received your notice through our website. Thank you for your inquiry.

May I ask, how did you receive our name? Do you know what type of “charge” we have on the company?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Web Message 3rd March 2018 to Cortland

Actually from Glasgow.

We have located that one of the companies for which there are charges you hold namely Verastar Ltd trading as Clear Business is fraudulently raising water charges contrary to the Scottish 2005 Water Act.

We intend to name you on