This really is an example of how to instruct operatives to do something stupid. The operatives know that it is stupid, and will not resolve the problem, but their moral is so low that they will not complain either.

It is similar to a perfectly safe Bin Lorry, but add the wrong driver ... and a tragic disaster. Same with the computerised Job Ticket system. 

So what is required to create a puddle near the top of a slope - a specific example in Linn Park on the main path into the park in front of the bench by the children's playground.

  • First of all the topography needs to be right. You need a flattish section of path which has a dip in it. In this case it's the old driveway for Cathcart House - click here for a map. Seil Drive wasn't built and Linnview Avenue was still Castle Road. Click here for an old photo. Thanks to Scot Cities for the links to the images.
  • Second you need a regular influx of water with some detritus - that which forms mud from leaves to earth ... In practice that means roads with blocked drains where the water floods into the area
  • Third you need time ... and no maintenance. So the mud builds up on the path.
  • Lastly you need a stupuid instruction to clear the mud off the taramac ... so where is it put ? each side of the path. Now you have an effective pond or as it is on top of a path - it's called a puddle. 

In this case