This is the chain of communications with East Renfrewshire's Legal Department.

The emails are shown in reverse order - newest first. It is all as expected ... nice and polite and filled with sensible promises - NONE of which - to date - have been fulfilled.

So what is surpising about this situation? The sad answer is that it is just all too common. And, in most cases - but not this one - wholly infuriating to the complainant. Why not in this case ? Because this web site reports "Research into some injustices". 

As such, in the Public Interest the names of the public servants are not hidden.

2nd January 2019 - RGTR to Chris Quinn and Gerry Mahon

As indicated to you in previous emails, as there has been no response, this sorry affair has now published at

It has been added to the list of researched case studies as well. 

30th November 2018 - RGTR to Chris Quinn and Gerry Mahon

What is the progress ?

Are you actually doing this ?

31st August 2018 - Chris Quinn to RGTR

Further to Gerry Mahon’s email below.

I can advise the case has been passed to our insurer Zurich Insurance, and also our Loss Adjusters Cunningham Lindsay to investigate the case.
The department have provided Cunningham Lindsay with their reports, and I am now awaiting a response from them.
After which I will be able to provide you with a more definitive decision.

30th August 2018 - Gerry Mahon to RGTR

As discussed in our telephone conversation some time ago, and as confirmed in my e-mail to you of 18 April, the circumstances you outline are matters which the council would typically deal with through its insurance policy. At the time of the discussion I passed the correspondence submitted to our claims handlers for their consideration. As is normal practice in matters of this sort, the claims handlers in association with the insurers thereafter deal with the issue.

I am not aware of any conclusions they may have reached regarding your case nor that they had, to date, made no contact with you. Given that you have not had any response from them, I have today contacted the council officer with responsibility for linking with the claims handlers and have passed on your message to him. He will no doubt be in touch shortly to confirm the position.

29th August 2018 - RGTR to Gerry Mahon

Some four months ago, I emailed you of the reportable history and my concerns.

The supporting documents are available as zip file, or individually via "Google Docs"
The link is:

I have yet to hear from you of the outcome.

It is my intention to publish the exchange of correspondence on in the foreseeable future ... 

I look for ward to your response.

18th April 2018 - Gerry Mahon to RGTR

I write to acknowledge receipt of your documentation which I will now forward to our insurers for their action. Any further communication in respect of your financial claim will come from them and/or their claims handlers.

I note from the terms of the document that you make reference to the position of Mr Westlands. You will appreciate that I have no direct responsibility for,nor control over, Mr Westland’s position as an employee of the Council and in this regard I would intend to pass this aspect of the matter to the relevant Head of Service for consideration. I assume you have no difficulty with this  proposed course of action but if you do please let me know by close of business today.

17th April 2018 - RGTR to Gerry Mahon

Thanks for your time on the phone a couple of weeks ago.

It has taken me a bit longer than I had anticipated to finish this document.

It is attached.

The supporting documents are available as zip file, or individually via "Google Docs"

The link is:

Please acknowledge receipt of this email. I am aware that some email servers will reject emails with links in them.